30K in 30 days Facebook Challenge

Yesterday, on Remembrance Day, we remembered those who are and have served and sacrificed to keep our Canada Glorious and Free. Today, let us take a moment to think about all those innocent lives that get caught up in the effects of war. More than four million Syrians have been forced to flee their homes after nearly five years of brutal civil war. We can actually do something today to help bring one of these families to safety in Canada.

We are so pleased to announce that we are just over half way to our $50,000 goal to settle a Syrian refugee family in our community! Being 9 days into our $30,000 in 30 days challenge we have just under 3 weeks to reach our goal. With your generosity we know we can do it even faster! Please donate. Any amount helps and every dollar will go directly to the family. Any donation of $20 and more will receive a charitable tax receipt. Please like and share this image to see how far we can spread the word and how fast we can reach our goal!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, to all those who have helped support us and gotten us this far. And thank you to those of you who will help us get the rest of the way!!

Here’s a link directly to our Facebook post


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