What an inspiring and informative general meeting!

Bloorcourt Sponsors Group Photo

What an inspiring and informative evening! Group members Barb and Rich welcomed us into their home to have our general meeting last night. It was a great turnout! We jam-packed their cozy living room, enjoyed tea and baklava as we learned, shared stories and updates on progress and planned next steps. We also welcomed some new members to support our group and had some fantastic guest speakers.

Zena Al-Hamdan of Arab Community Centre led a presentation on Syrian culture and answered many of the questions we had so we will be better prepared to welcome a Syrian refugee family to our community. She started with an introduction to the recent history of the situation in Syria, talked about Syrian food, education and social expectations. She also described how terrible the conditions are in the refugee camps which confirmed once again the urgency of getting our family out and here to safety as fast as possible.

We were also fortunate to have Rebecca Davies from the Ripple Refugee Project, another sponsorship group in Toronto, join us to give us some amazing fundraising tips.  We learned so much and are filled with new ideas and inspiration!

Thank you Zena and Rebecca!

We also received a fundraising update that we are now just over 50% of the way to our $50,000 goal! In just 7 weeks we have come so far! We have just 3 more weeks to reach our goal with our $30,000 in 30days challenge! With the generous help of people like you we can get there! Please help us by donating and spreading the word!


One thought on “What an inspiring and informative general meeting!

  1. Nancy Graham RN (Ripple Refugee Project member) says:

    The very best to Bloorcourt Sponsors Project!
    Enjoy the journey with your soon- to- arrive Syrian Newcomer Family.


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