We need your help!

In five short weeks we have launched solid fundraising efforts, mobilized the necessary  resources and tackled the mountains of paperwork required. Our main challenge now is to raise the funds and we need your help. The provided guidelines suggest that $27,000 is needed to support a family of 4 for a year. However, this is not realistic in Toronto. We have upped our goal to $50,000 which also includes $10,000 for their travel costs. Under the current policy, the Canadian government provides a loan to these families for their airfare which becomes payable the time they set foot on Canadian soil. Information has not been provided whether these travel expenses will be absorbed with this new initiative by the Trudeau government or if the refugees will still incur this debt. In any event our group is taking on the responsibility of covering these costs so they will have one less obstacle to overcome when they settle in Canada.

Ways you can help: 1. Donate to help us reach our $50,000 goal  2. Make an in-kind donation  3. Give the gift of time (contact us if you are interested)