Sorry it’s been so long since our last communication to you.
Some of you may have seen the article about the Sinjab family in the Sunday Star on July 30:

This is the family Bloorcourt Sponsors were matched with in 2015.

Back in April when we learned that the Sinjab family had been rejected, and our sponsorship would no longer be active, we regrouped.  Not surprisingly, only a few members of the original group were still available to help decide what we might do with the funds we had raised and the household goods we had collected.  This much smaller group of us met over the months following the news, to determine our possible next steps. In the end, we decided there was not enough interest, energy or support to begin another sponsorship application and face another uncertain 2-year wait for a new family.

The majority of the funds we raised are in a trust account with Ryerson University, through the Lifeline Syria program. With Ryerson’s help, we investigated whether it might be possible to take over an already in-process case which for whatever reason had been abandoned, but there were no such situations at that time.  Then we discussed possibly donating the entire amount to an existing sponsorship groups that could have benefited from a “boost” in funding. There were groups interested in taking our donations, but we weren’t satisfied that our funds would actually be making a significant difference.
When Bloorcourt Sponsors was first formed and we were in full fundraising mode, we were lucky to receive a lot of advice and support from another sponsorship group, the Ripple Group. The family that Ripple sponsored way back then has arrived some time ago, and the group has gone on to sponsor two more families.  We all agreed it would be very appropriate to donate the bulk of our fundraising to the Ripple Group. Unfortunately Ryerson (as the trustee for our money) said no, because Ripple’s new sponsorships were not Syrian cases, and Ryerson is part of Lifeline Syria.This left us out of options, and so Ryerson has taken control of our funds and they will be dispensed to families and groups with genuine financial need as determined by Ryerson.  The furniture and housewares that we had collected and that were sitting in paid storage were ours to dispense with, and so they have been donated to the Ripple Group, and are already being put to good use in the homes of several newcomer families.

While it is disappointing that Bloorcourt Sponsors was not able to use the funds we raised to bring a family to Canada through all of our hard work in organizing and fund raising, it’s good to know several families have and will continue to benefit from your contribution.  Unfortunately, we don’t know any more about the Sinjab family than what is in the newspaper article. We wish them well, and hope at some point very soon that their dream of a home in Canada will become a reality.

Thank you again for entrusting us with your support and donations. We hope that you feel we have honoured the original intention of the funds that were donated.
Bloorcourt Sponsors